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    JVK Web Developers provides numerous technology services. Specializing in web site design, e-commerce, Intranets, multimedia business cards and technical troubleshooting, we can assist you in meeting your digital business needs. Below is a description of our services. To contact us, simply fill out our "Get a Quote" form. Download our marketing brochure: marketing.pdf. Click here for our new referral program brochure.

Professional Web Design:
    We can design and develop your company's portico to the world through the Internet whether you are a small business run from the home or a large corporation with the need for databases and dynamic content. We employ HTML, DHTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl and other languages to design web sites along with imaging programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Shockwave, Fireworks and Freehand.

    We can design and develop a small, static storefront to sell your inventions and collections or an immense, dynamic electronic super-store with easy-to-use interfaces to manage orders and products. An integral part of our seamless ecommerce solutions can include online credit card processing and accounting.

Personal Web Sites:
    Small, personal sites can be tailored to make your own personal niche on the web or larger, intricate family sites including numerous pages on each family or individuals and allow for the ability for dynamic photo albums or shared interfamily chats.

    We can design and develop corporate Intranets to improve communication between branches, store logs and even share files. Intranets can reduce your costs by greatly reducing the normally wasted paper and supplies by enabling people to post memos centrally. Any user can access pages and files or access can be restricted to certain users for private information. Intranet technology usually employs databases and can be customized to meet specific needs whether they are a central address directory or a complex system of financial records. Using our CoreIntranet Technology

Web Hosting Services:
    We offer an array of hosting services and options so you can fully benefit from your website. We provide a full range of services to best serve your hosting, e-mail and database needs. Click here to learn more about our hosting services.

Multimedia Business Cards:
    We can design and develop business cards that are printed on 50MB cd's and contain an attractive multimedia presentation about your company, describing your products and services. CD business cards usually contain a full Macromedia Flash presentation or a Flash introduction and an HTML-based presentation.

Computer Troubleshooting:
    Within the Denver area we offer on-site technical support for computer problems that may arise. Outside the metro Denver area, we provide phone and Internet support.

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